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Liz Rodda received an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art & Design (Boston, MA) in the Studio for Interrelated Media Program. Her works have been exhibited and screened nationally and internationally. Recent exhibition venues include Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, CEAM Museum of Art, St. Augustine, FL and Schwartz Gallery, London, UK. She currently lives in Austin, TX and is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University, School of Art & Design.

“Liz seems to have this very dry sense of humor, but in so many of her pieces she delicately balances humor with seriousness or tragedy (personal or otherwise). In the same way, her work beautifully expresses this essential human quality of questioning by pitting disparate ideas against one another to reveal how closely they are connected, i.e. skepticism and belief, longing and un-fulfillment, having control versus chaos or powerlessness.”

- Julie Dickover, CEAM Museum Director